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Career Advising and Coaching

After a 20 year career in recruiting and talent development, I took a pause and reflected. I learned a few things, including the power and importance of reflection.

Most of those 20 years were spent in executive search with large, global executive search firms. Thinking about this time, I was puzzled by the number of people I met who were extremely successful on paper but unfulfilled in their careers. Many had attained corner offices, high compensation packages, and resumes filled with accomplishments. Yet many were open to looking at other career opportunities simply because something new was presented. Many were still trying to figure out what jobs, what careers, what levels of success would fulfill them. Many thought a move elsewhere would provide a platform for greater happiness. I wondered how people could figure out what they want to do with their careers, or how to do what they are doing more successfully, in order to spend more time going after what they want and less time chasing what is offered.


This reflection led me toward the pursuit of my optimal career - career and leadership coach. Since 2010, my focus has been on helping people identify fulfilling career possibilities and achieve professional goals during times of transition. I provide career coaching and leadership coaching to people at all stages in their careers, students through C-suite.


Connect the dots and develop plans to go from where you are now to where you want to be

Board Advisory Consulting
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